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My Name is Jorge Emanuel Serrano. I was born on March 25, 2003. I am originally from New London, Connecticut. I am the third oldest of nine children, born to my mother, Ludis, and my father, Jorge. I arrived at the seminary on August 25, 2021. I am currently studying Philosophy at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. I my Neocatechumenal community, I can experience the love of God through the brothers and sisters who help direct me to the truth. I have been able to relate to people with different nationalities, cultures, and histories through God's common figure. Before, I though I was alone in the middle of my internal conflict, but God has opened a way for me to share my suffering without fear. I like to play basketball and soccer and study in my spare time. I pray that the Lord grants me the virtue pf being compassionate to others in whatever situation they find themselves in.

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