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My name is Gabriel De Jesus Perez Alonzo. I was born on November 29, 2000, in Denver, Colorado. I am the oldest of three brothers. My parents come from Mexico from the same hometown called Nochistlan in Zacatecas. I arrived at the seminary on September 22, 2023. So far, it has been a grace to be here to learn, to pray, and to be with the brothers here. Before the seminary, I was in my Neocatechumenal community in Denver, Colorado, at the parish St. Anthony De Padua. There, I was able to be with my brothers and sisters to receive this holy Spirit from God to see the graces he has given us. Through the community, I was able to encounter my faith more deeply and saw how God loves me for who I am as a person. With this, I was able to open myself more to my community, to my family, and to my coworkers at my job. I feel happy to have this encounter every day. Some things I do enjoy doing are listening to all kinds of music especially 50’s Rock n’ Roll and Mexican music and dancing to the music. Also, I do enjoy playing sports, especially soccer. I did start my college career in Colorado going for an Early Childhood Educator to teach. I found this passion to teach others through my family, school, and community. I hope I can bring this passion for teaching throughout my life and here in the seminary. I pray to God that I can do his will and learn from him to be the Christian man He wants me to be.

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